Our Private Label Service

Make your organization a household name; put your brand on our coffee.

We’ll work with you to select just the right beans and then package them for you with your branded label.  We can simply provide a blank slate for you to slap your sticker onto, or we can connect you with a designer who can develop a package that is perfectly you.

In the end, your customers will be serenely sipping coffee and fondly thinking of you. Contact us for details.

Croakertown Private Labeling is your customer coffee connection:

Trade Show Premiums — Save the good stuff for the folks who take the time to talk to you and pass them your private label coffee as a thank you!

Customer Appreciation — A gift basket for your best clients brimming with your branded coffee means you’ll be in the palm of their hand every morning.

Coffee Shops & Restaurants — Pour your own branded coffee and then offer to let them buy a bag to take home. As they share that great coffee word of mouth will boost your business!

B&B or Hotel — Make them want to come back. Your branded coffee ensures your guests will take home more than just a memory of their wonderful visit with you.

Fundraising — Branded for your cause who could possibly refuse to buy a bag or two of your special blend? The donation makes them feel good and the coffee even better!

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