Just like apples and oranges, coffee is a seasonal product. Each part of the world has different harvesting seasons and scheduled and we buy only the freshest beans in season.

While single origins may come and go as the seasons change, we can help you find another coffee with a similar flavor profile. Think of it as an opportunity to explore other coffees and discover a new favorite!

Always store your coffee in a cool, dark place with the package sealed tightly. If you prefer, select a ceramic or stainless steel container that is clean and odor free. Remember, beans like to be dry and cool not cold, so avoid keeping your coffee in the freezer or refrigerator.

Best of all, purchase only the amount of coffee that you will use in two to three weeks. The best cup comes from freshly roasted beans. And you deserve the best!

The short answer is YES! Once you enjoy a cup of freshly roasted AND freshly ground coffee, it will be hard to go back to buying pre-ground coffee. However, we are happy to grind it for you. And, because we encourage you to only purchase what you can use in 14-21 days, it will still be fresh. But if you have an opportunity to invest in a grinder (a burr grinder is best), spoil yourself and sip perfection.

We like our coffee naked. Coffee beans have lots of flavors - sweet, spicy, fruity, earthy, citric, and chocolate, to name a few. We carefully select beans from around the world with stellar flavor profiles and then carefully roast them to bring these flavors forward. When you sip Croakertown Coffee black, you'll experience the natural flavors that make each coffee unique. Once you've found your flavor match, then you can always add the enhancements you prefer.

Sure! Being a small batch roaster we can accommodate small custom orders for our customers! We'll work with you to discover your flavor profile and match you with a bean and a roast that will deliver a delicious cup crafted just for you. Customs orders need to be a minimum of 5 (12 oz bag) or one 5 lb bag.