Step into our laboratory and you’ll see the science of coffee.  The Croakertown Coffee Lab is where we work on product development and maintain quality assurance.  Every time we roast a batch of beans we quality test them before we even think about shipping them to our customers. We want to be certain that you will have sipping satisfaction.

Our Coffee Lab is equipped with a comprehensive variety of brewing equipment, which gives us the opportunity to test the grind with the method. The Lab is also our training center for our wholesale and retail customers where they can learn about coffee

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    In the lab, we carefully evaluate coffee samples. The cupping protocol allows us to systemically compare different coffees and select only the best for our customers. Through our exploration we find unique coffees and develop exciting new blends to share with you.
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    Quality Assurance

    Every batch is assessed before and after roasting. We monitor, review, and log our roasting data for each batch of coffee. We are looking for the character and ensuring consistency of all the coffee we roast so you can be sure every sip is satisfying.
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    Coffee isn’t just brewing and beans. We are constantly learning more about the production and processing of coffee, plus new flavors and techniques to bring you a remarkable cup of coffee. You’re invited to explore coffee with us in the lab, through Coffee Klatch, and our special events.
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    We always have a fresh brew waiting for you to try! Our Daily Brew is a great way to explore our single origins and house blends.

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