We love nothing more than sharing a simple dessert with a lovely silky cup of French Press coffee to finish a special evening out! We use a French Press at home or on our boat when we want to recreate those special moments! French Press brewing is not difficult and the equipment is affordable (and transportable)!

Here’s what you’ll need for two 10 oz cups of French Press coffee:

49 grams fresh roasted coffee
20 oz filtered water
Extra water for prep
French Press Brewer
Stirring stick

Step 1: Grind your coffee very coarsely so it resembles Kosher salt.

Step 2: Heat your water to just about boiling (205°F).

Step 3: Preheat your French Press by adding hot water to the empty press; press plunger and discard the water.

Step 4: Add your grounds to the press. Give it a little shake or stir to settle the grounds evenly in the bottom.

Step 5: Start your timer. Saturate all of you grounds quickly, adding half the water. Let the coffee bloom. If your coffee is fresh roasted, you will see some bubbles and expansion of the grounds. Stir gently after 30 seconds.

Step 6: Add the remaining water. When your timer reads 4 minutes, press the plunger slowly (count to 30 while pressing). Fill you cups with all of the coffee.

If you leave the coffee grounds in the press with water, it will continue to extract. The remaining coffee will be much stronger and you may or may not wish to drink it. No worries – you can always make more!

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