Welcome to the Croakertown Coffee Klatch!

When I was a little girl, the ladies in our neighborhood would have their Coffee Klatch, a chance to sit around, drink coffee, and enjoy a conversation spiced with a bit of gossip. My mom rarely participated since she wasn’t a fan of gossip, or coffee, and frankly she was busy raising 7 kids and sitting around was a rare luxury. However, I got to w ...


Brewing 101 – Roast Levels

Light, Medium or Dark Roast. These are probably very familiar roast levels to most coffee drinkers. And not surprising, everyone usually has a preferred roast level. What might be surprising to many coffee drinkers is that the roast level does not indicate the amount of caffeine or the strength of the coffee. I often hear customers asking for reall ...


Brewing 101- Water Basics

In Ireland, oyster stouts are brewed with local water and local oysters giving each area a uniquely flavored beer stout.  Coffee is often brewed in the home using water from the tap and all the local flavor that comes with it. If you love your home brew, you probably don’t need to read the rest of this, but for those who are looking for a better ta ...


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