Cold Brew Coffee

Did you know that a Cold Brew Coffee does not mean Iced or Cold Coffee? I run into a lot of coffee drinkers who are not quite sure what Cold Brew actually is or they think it is a specialty iced coffee with a big price tag. Cold Brew is just another way to brew coffee! What makes it “cold” is that heat is not used in the brewing process. H ...


French Press Brewing Guide

We love nothing more than sharing a simple dessert with a lovely silky cup of French Press coffee to finish a special evening out! We use a French Press at home or on our boat when we want to recreate those special moments! French Press brewing is not difficult and the equipment is affordable (and transportable)! Here’s what you’ll need for two 10 o ...


Chemex Brewing Guide

Did you know Chemex Coffeemakers are considered a piece of beautfully designed art? They even have them on display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City! Where else might you see a Chemex?  Try a little game I like to play while watching a movie or tv shows called “I Spy a Chemex.” Here are a few to get you started: Sabrina Rosemary’s Bab ...


Siphon Brewing Guide

Brewing Guide for a Siphon Brewer I always looked forward to the annual school science fair! I didn’t necessarily like the last minute, late night pressure when things weren’t going as I planned. I was not a procrastinator, but scientific experiments sometimes just have a mind of their own! How many of you made the exploding volcano? The egg in the ...


Storing your Coffee Beans

The number one question I am asked by my customers is “How should I store my beans?” The second most asked question is “Should I store my beans in the freezer?” My immediate response to the freezing question is usually “Please don’t freeze the beans!” Lately, I began to wonder about this. Why do so many people think they should freeze their coffee a ...


Women’s Work: From Seed to Sip

When you sip your morning brew or chug your afternoon pick-me-up give a quick thought to the women coffee producers who made that cup possible. In the exotic and steamy places of the world women are working in coffee plantations planting, tending, picking, and sorting coffee. Like most people, I had no idea what it really took to get to the grounds ...


How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Imagine having a cup of coffee that you would absolutely sigh for. It is easier than you think, after all it only involves two ingredients, and I will carefully guide you through the process. WATER – Coffee is mostly water which means you need fresh, filtered water to have a clean canvas for the true taste of the coffee to come through. Unless you a ...


Welcome to the Croakertown Coffee Klatch!

When I was a little girl, the ladies in our neighborhood would have their Coffee Klatch, a chance to sit around, drink coffee, and enjoy a conversation spiced with a bit of gossip. My mom rarely participated since she wasn’t a fan of gossip, or coffee, and frankly she was busy raising 7 kids and sitting around was a rare luxury. However, I got to w ...